Landscaping at Lake of the Ozarks

Border X’Pressions Landscaping

In 2013 when Border X’Pressions opened it’s doors here at Lake Of The Ozarks the intention was to enhance beautiful landscaping work with our Continuous Concrete Borders and concentrate mainly on the home beautification process using concrete. It didn’t take very long before we really had to rethink our whole plan with this.

From almost the very beginning our customers were asking for landscaping to go along with the work we had just performed. We tried passing them on to other companies who were already established in the industry with landscaping and for one reason or another, it just wasn’t a good fit. By midway, through the 2013 season, we had decided to take the next step and integrate a full landscaping service to go with our beautiful borders.

The decision to do this has proven to be one of the best moves we could have made for ourselves and our customers!

Daniels Project – Start to Finish

JJ’s at the Copper Pot – Start to Finish

Long Project – Start to Finish

Fraas Project

Osage Beach Rehab

Moore Project